Empty cup of coffee

It’s that time of year again. Early last week I cut my coffee consumption down to three cups per day, then two, and I’ve been down to one for several days now. Tuesday will be a half-cup. By the end of the week I will be a free man.

You have to step it down like this. Cold turkey is not advisable for coffee addicts. By my count, this is my seventh (almost) annual wean from the bean.

Some questions remain. Will this be an iced-tea summer? Or will I survive and thrive on no caffeine at all? Should I go for a full detox and lay off the booze for a while too? Maybe get back into a regular exercise routine? Zen macrobiotic diet? Where will this madness end?

Photo by Stig Morten Waage

  1. The first time I quit caffeine I went cold turkey and had the most astounding headache I’ve ever experienced. I’ve since quit caffeine a couple more times, but it always creeps back in. I’m down to 2-3 cups of black tea and the occasional decaf macchiato but I think I’ll never really kick the habit for good. Good luck to you in your decaffeination efforts. 🙂

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