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Requiem for a Rabbit


Nicky came our way last summer, under circumstances that can best be described as silly if not stupid. I was never too close to him, because I frankly hardened my heart against all pets after Lucy disappeared. But even I had to admit this docile little lagamorph held a certain charm.

Alas, Nicky died this afternoon. We are not sure of the cause but dehydration is the prime suspect. Xy liked to let him roam around the yard and this afternoon he spent perhaps too much time out there. My co-worker Jim T. told me a cautionary tale once of how their pet rabbit died in the heat one day. We thought Nicky was safe because he wasn’t in the sun, but perhaps he spent too long a time away from his water bottle.

Or maybe it was something else entirely. One doesn’t tend to assemble an inquest upon the death of a rabbit.

We thought about burying him in the yard but that was complicated by an number of factors and so in the end we did not. Taking his little body out to the garbage can in a plastic bag… well that just sucked.

I have to admit I considered the potential for rabbit stew. No disrespect Nick, to me that would be the ultimate compliment. If anyone feels like sinking their teeth into my tired old flesh when I’ve kicked off, have at it. But since we don’t know the cause of death, it didn’t seem prudent.

Cue the mournful mix.

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  1. Jack Schick Jack Schick

    Seeing the funereal layout of the photo, thought perhaps you’d tell us of
    Miss P’s engagement in the proceedings…?

  2. Julie (Marietta,GA) Julie (Marietta,GA)

    It’s only been a couple of months since you guys lost “Folds”. I’m very sorry to see this.

  3. Jaden Jaden

    rabbits are more fragile than i thought. Sounds like Nicky had a good life within the confines of your space- sorry B & C

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