Frog Offering

There’s a house in our neighborhood with a large frog sculpture mounted to the exterior, such that it appears to be climbing up the side of the house. When we pass by my daughter likes to point the frog out, wave, say “ribbit,” etc.

(Imagine my surprise when I learned the house and, presumably, the frog, are owned by friends. Small world.)

A couple days ago, when we got home, Persephone dug out a toy frog and insisted on making a pilgrimage back to the frog house. Intrigued, I walked there with her. I was curious to see what she would do.

When we got there, she simply held the toy frog up to the big frog on the house. It was as if she was introducing them, or perhaps offering the smaller frog as a tribute to the bigger amphibian, an offering or sacrifice to the frog deity.

Yesterday she did it again.

All hail the frog god. Or maybe it’s a goddess? With frogs it’s hard to tell.

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