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Easter Surprise

Guess what I was doing 33 years ago today?

Well, actually I don’t know. But I know what my mother was doing. She was posting a letter.


I know this because the letter was recently unearthed by some relatives, and Mom just sent it to me. It’s an Easter card to my Grandpa Sid.

Easter Card

And here’s the enclosed photo of yours truly.


Sometime after my garbage collector phase and my fireman phase, my childhood ambition was to be a nuclear physicist. That did not come to pass. However, I did make a kick-ass science fair display, with a little help from my parents. Won me a blue ribbon!

I was ten years old. That was a third of a century ago.

PS: I said I didn’t know what I was doing on April 6 of 1977, but I just checked my journal and found this entry:

Bought Digital Watch: time: 10:36 AM
L.S.Ayres – had breakest with mister Bunny

And as a bonus here’s my entry for April 10, 1977:

Easter Sunday
Found 61ยข for Easter

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  1. Mom Mom

    Didn’t know you were keeping a journal when you were ten!
    I wonder how much 61 cents would worth today given that inflation changes the value quite a bit.

  2. John Fulwiler John Fulwiler

    Bart, I will try and find this address in Sturgeon Bay this summer and take a picture for you… we stay between Baileys Harbor and Sister Bay… Our 1st summer there was 21 years ago and we actually stayed in Sturgeon Bay before moving up “the thumb” as they say there.

  3. toneknee toneknee

    For your Mom:

    Googling inflation calculator:

    What cost $.61 in 1977 would cost $2.13 in 2009.

    Also, if you were to buy exactly the same products in 2009 and 1977,
    they would cost you $.61 and $0.16 respectively.

  4. Brian Rice Brian Rice

    My personal currency indicator when I was ten was the price of a Hot Wheels car, which was $.55. Today they’re $.97 at Walmart, so not bad, inflation-wise. Plus they’re cooler looking now.

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