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Spontaneous Public Sculpture

Lafitte Corridor

This sculpture mysteriously appeared on the Lafitte Corridor last week, just in time for the Urban Pathways conference tour. I was surprised and touched. It’s worth nothing that Friends of Lafitte Corridor did not solicit or commission this sculpture, though in retrospect I’m pretty sure I know who made it. It is, quite simply, yet another indication of the community’s desire for the greenway project to move forward.


[Photos by Joseph Brock]

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One Comment

  1. Anthony Anthony

    I guess I still need to try and see if I can get some spec together for a “temporary art pad” for sculpture installations along the corridor. I mentioned it to Daniel and sent an email off to some folks who do that sort of thing but I can’t remember if I ever got a response.

    If there is still interest in it perhaps I can work with an architect or engineer to develop some sort of specs. I had an idea for a 10×10 platform with various bolt configurations and conduit for running power.

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