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Dr. Francis and Me

Dr. Francis and Me

Here I am just hanging out with my favorite college president, Dr. Norman Francis.

Actually this photo was taken by Irving Johnson at a banquet where I was recognized for ten years of service here at the University.

I first realized Dr. Francis would be an inspirational figure to work for back in 1999, when I tuned into a national NPR story and he was quoted as an authority on the struggle for racial equality in America.

We don’t really interact much on campus, since he has much bigger fish to fry. I was honored to have my photo taken with him, and excited to receive it today. Definitely a keeper. Thanks Irving!

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  1. Some Drexel Asshole Some Drexel Asshole

    Dear Dr. Francis,


    Bart Everson, pictured to your left, is not down with the Magisterium. I mean not at all. Word on the street is that this token Arian practiced birth control for years and years, and I’m not just talking about celibacy (though word on the other street is that he’s all too familiar with that, too).

    No, he doesn’t give a hoot about the Magisterium but earlier blog entries reveal he is quite comfortable with the Lords of Kobol and various other celestial deities. Please do the Christian thing and fire this pervert and make his family homeless beggars!

    Praise Jesus,
    A Devout Theology Student

  2. Julie (Marietta,GA) Julie (Marietta,GA)

    Bart, Congratulations on your ten years of service. After reading this blog for the past five years I believe that both the University and the City of New Orleans are lucky to have you !!

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