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  1. David David

    On an unrelated note, you’ve now provided one of the few meaningful uses of twitter. That is, your friend now has evidence you were feeding his now-dead frog. The only other two meaningful uses for twitter I’m aware of are: 1. Iranian protest, of course, and 2. Christopher Walken’s twitter page which was hilarious but is now non-existent.

  2. David David

    Was that photo taken in your basement?

  3. Yes the photo was taken in our basement in Greenwood Indiana.

    Other “meaningful” uses of Twitter: California wildfires, activist imprisoned in Egypt (I think), connecting my mom and sister (blogged about that a few weeks ago)… there are more, but Twitter is a famous example of the “opaque value problem” where you don’t see the value from the outside, only if you participate.

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