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Rabbit Surprise

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but we’ve got a rabbit in the house.

Rabbit Point

I’ve been able to piece together a few clues. Apparently somebody we don’t even know got a rabbit for their kid but then the kid wasn’t interested in it. This someone is apparently on the board of a local charter school. A friend of ours teaches there. Somewhere along the line Xy mentioned, as a joke, that she could take the rabbit if she could get a job teaching at the school. (This was back when she was still on the hunt for gainful employment.) This joke was somehow misconstrued as a serious offer. As dialog continued, Xy did not seem to pick up on the fact that a misunderstanding had occurred. She never even got an interview at that school, by the way. But yesterday the rabbit was delivered. At least he came with a nice cage.

As for the rabbit, he’s very cute. Xy named him Nicholas after the Ole Risom/Richard Scarry classic, I Am a Bunny, one of Persephone’s favorites.

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  1. Lee Lee

    They always seem to happen by accident, just like ours. I hope you find a way to let him out to stretch his legs like we do with Gil.

  2. a a

    this is the type of thing that the ‘charter reform’ was supposed to resolve – favors from board members for a job – i know you guys didn’t mean it that way but if it’s like this over something small, think about how easy it now is to circumvent ethics rules in this ‘system’.

  3. Au contraire! Xy was given no special consideration and yet still got stuck with the rabbit. So, if anything, it’s a sterling endorsement of the ethics rules in this “system.”

  4. Bill Bill

    I would like to submit a request that you post additional photos of Nicholas the bunny. Thank you.

  5. Stacey Stacey

    Can she misunderstand the rabbit gesture and show up for teaching at the school the first day of teacher inservice? I think that would be funny. Of course she’ll probably have to be at her other school. Congratulations to XY on the job.

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