I’ve been converting old cassettes to digital when I get a spare moment. Is that still called “ripping” as with a CD? Anyway, here’s the latest.

April 13, 1994, Bloomington, Indiana — Tom Gulley hosts Afternoon Edition on AM-1370. The topic of discussion was “J&B Get Baked” and the issue of marijuana legalization. J phoned in and eventually came into the studio. It was a two-hour show, but we caught only part of it on tape, and after removing commercials and news updates, it’s about an hour’s worth of audio.

  1. Many people are afraid to be truthful with some friends and family about certain subjects, so I imagine honesty is also partly why the program had such a effect on people.

  2. Oddly enough, I’ve been moving in the opposite direction, in that I’ve reembraced cassette tapes as a viable and worthy medium, and have even gone as far as making a mixtape in part from digital files. The impetus was getting a car with a cassette deck, and realizing what cheap treasures lie in wait at many a Goodwill, given the relative worthlessness of cassettes to most modern people. After a few weeks of jammin’ tapes I’ve come to accept the weird little things on their own terms. After a stretch of overdosing on the options afforded by the digital age, the limitations and warm fuzzyness of a little stack of good cassettes is kind of refreshing.

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