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Coffee Reduction #6


It’s time for me to go off coffee again. I enjoy breaking this habit as spring edges into summer. I try to make it a part of my yearly routine. However, last year I never got around to it, what with the girl being born. I haven’t gone off caffeine since 2007. I feel like my internal organs are being continually bathed in acidic hot stimulants. They need a break.

Over the last month I’ve cut back from a pot a day to just one cup. This week I’m gradually reducing that. A full cup on Monday, three-quarters cup yesterday, half cup today. This is how to avoid the dreaded headaches that keep coffee drinkers enslaved to the bean. Tomorrow, a quarter cup. Friday, an eighth of a cup.

And then I will be free!

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  1. Julie Julie

    A quarter cup — an eighth of a cup???? You have SOME willpower!
    I’ll have an extra cup tomorrow morning in your honor.

  2. Lee Lee

    I’ve never been able to get past the taste of coffee, but I am enslaved to tea. I should start doing something like you do, as I don’t think a gallon of tea a day is healthy on the body.

  3. With me it’s the annual quit smoking thing. I don’t know if I am willing to give up coffee. I love the stuff, and drink it black.

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