Our big excitement today came when the New Orleans Fire Department came out to investigate a suspicious canister leaking a mysterious substance in front of the abandoned house next door to ours.

Leaking Canister

Actually we’re pretty sure it’s just white latex paint. According to a neighbor’s eyeball witness testimony, the canister was deposited in Craig’s yard at the direction of Maria Santana, local landlord extraordinaire — a name that may be recognized by long-time readers.

Still, it’s mighty disrespectful to throw your trash around like that and expect someone else to deal with it. It’s also illegal. The fire department tracked down her number, gave her a call, and left a stern message on her voice mail.

  1. Yes, the NOFD responded to your problem and actually took action to make it right. (I had a similar experience with them.) If only the NOPD worked that way.

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