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Vernal Mohawk

In celebration of the Vernal Equinox, I’m bringing the mohawk back.

Before 'n' After

Not the fauxhawk, mind you. I’m talking about the real thing, baby. Bring it back!

And while you’re shaving your head, here’s a diverse selection of tunes inspired by the equinox.

“Vernal Equinox” from the 1977 album of the same name by Jon Hassell is straight-up genius.

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  1. is this common practice on the vernal equinox? if so i’m sorry i missed out before i started losing my hair. does it still count as a mohawk if there’s a big empty spot on the crown of your head?

  2. It may not be common yet, but it should be. Sure, you can do a mohawk even with a baldspot, but you might want to consider a variant, perhaps a bihawk or a nohawk (reverse mohawk, ugh) or the infamous crownhawk. I just made that one up, but I think you get the idea.

    I’ve actually got a halfhawk because I don’t care for any hair on the (lower) back of my head.

    Join us!

  3. mike mike

    knowhutimean vernal

  4. Sean Sean

    I dig the mohawk. I imagine it would’ve been more of a tribute to shave 1/2 of your head – leaving equal parts hair and no-hair. Ahh, but I guess the mohawk may represent the equator pointing at the sun, or… ok, I’ll stop over-thinking it.

  5. Eric Paul Eric Paul

    Hey, palito, for bicycle riding your new do is supremely aerodynamic, ride the wave!

  6. bob bob

    Wow, it takes 10 years off.

  7. PJ PJ

    Just like old times.

  8. My girlfriend and I, in honor of the equinox, we went skinny dipping. glad there are more taking a chance!

  9. BTW, the look, look good on you!

  10. Peris Peris

    Any reaction from the Daughter?

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