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I commented a year ago (to the very day!) that some sidewalks around our home were impassable, some friends recommended a stroller upgrade. They didn’t understand that our stroller wasn’t the problem. The major obstacle just around the corner was Gwen’s FEMA trailer, as pictured here:


I don’t think any stroller in the world could jump over that thing.

Well, Gwen’s renovation is finally done. She’s out of the trailer and back in her house. And some time last week the FEMA trailer was removed at last. And now that stretch of sidewalk is passable. I know because I walk it every day with a baby strapped to my chest. Navigating that block was actually a bit tricky, and it just got a lot easier, which also means safer. So I’m happy for Gwen, for myself, and for another sign of progress on the long hard slog of this recovery. It may not seem like much, but it means a lot.

Now if I could just get my other neighbors not to park on the sidewalk…

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