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Ear Hurts

The results from yesterday’s doctor visit confirmed our suspicion: Persephone’s ear infection never entirely cleared up, even though she took a full course of antibiotic. In fact she now has sinusitis. So the doctor prescribed something stronger, and she seems to be feeling much better today. This picture was taken Sunday when she was still slightly feverish.

Xy had a series of painful ear infections when she was little. She still remembers them. We hope our girl has better luck.

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  1. She is so cute!
    cute as a doll!

    My sister’s baby just turned one a while ago, now he is doing his best horsing around in his toddling gait…

    I don’t know much about Persephone, but I’m sure pretty soon she’d pick up the universal habit of throwing things, as a baby’s way of engaging with the world and making the comments…

  2. julesb_town julesb_town

    did they give you the numbing drops for her ears? hope it clears up this time!
    btw- i turned on the TV last night to find an episode of J&B on the Rox 🙂 i think it was the “nothing” episode? just as entertaining as i remembered it!


    This is absolutely the cutest picture yet of Persephone. And I thought the Thanksgiving Card picture with Sebastian was the cutest til now.

    Bart, are you doing turkey legs this year? We are having Karen, Carl, Bob, Veronica, and Laura over tomorrow.

    Give Crybaby a big hug and kiss for me (and Christy and Persephone too).

    Love you all, Ray.

  4. She’s so cute! I hope she doesn’t have to get tubes! My son had tubes, and it wasn’t that bad. Once a kid was playing on the playground and handed me something strange. He said it came out of his ear… it was his tube. Gross!

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