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My Little Girl’s Got a Full-Time Daddy Now

Perhaps the reason I think our daughter has been so easy to deal with so far might be because I haven’t had to deal with her all that much, really. I mean, I went back to work three months ago, leaving the work of child-rearing mainly on Xy’s shoulders. Then, when Xy went back to work we started paying for childcare.

But today we’re putting this to the test. I was planning on taking a half-day to bring the girl to her regular doctor visit. However, I then learned that our childcare facility is closed today (not because of Gustav, but because of Labor Day) so I’m taking a full day off work. As it turns out, our doctor appointment is canceled (yes, Gustav) and ironically the University will be closing early today.

Anyway, I’ve realized this is probably the longest stretch of solo parental responsibility I’ve had since she was born.

I’m also nursing a sore throat and keeping an eye on Gustav.

Today is, of course, the three-year anniversary of Katrina’s landfall. I don’t feel quite up to attending any of the local commemorative events, but I can think of no better tribute to those who lost their lives than caring for a young child. I don’t know. It makes perfect sense to me.

Oh, and hey, the last five or so posts, including this one, take their names from pop song titles. So if you’re looking for a silly distraction from the gravity of the day, see if you can identify the artists. Bonus points if you can find the “subtext” — the sorta hidden lyrical subtitles.

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  1. Lee Lee

    The first 2 are no brainers – Elton John and The Stones! The one that’s got me puzzled is “double trouble” Wasn’t that the name for Stevie Ray Vaughn’s band???

  2. julesb_town julesb_town

    have a great day w/your girl! Thanks for introducing me to jonathan Richman- sounds like an interesting dude-

  3. Lee Lee

    I’ve got a little free time – Digable Planets – Rush – The Roots or Skynrd? – Jonathan Richman………how am I batting now Harey Carey?

  4. Wonderland Wonderland

    I really understand what you mean about the fitting tribute. Two years ago today I gave birth to my daughter, and I felt the same way. Have fun today!

  5. Awrite, so y’all have Google skillz. Lee, if you’re able to discover the subtextual lyric clues you’ll probably be able to score a grand slam. Of course, I’d be more impressed if y’all pretended to just know this stuff already.

  6. lemming lemming

    Tis indeed an apt way in which ti spend today… but now I’m deeply curious about the sub-textual message.

  7. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    enjoy the time with your baby girl.

    i got no doubt yall will play it both safe and smart if you evac.

    my plan is 4am monday unless the track changes.

  8. I love this Jonathan Richman song and still listen to it frequently. Lots of subtext for what you’re going through — insecure dad, used to be ready to hand off the baby back to mom but now “full-time dad” in the sense of being fully present and really connecting…

    “It took your mama and me splitting for me to come into my own / but now it’s worth as we’re walkin’ hand in hand to school alone” (we’ll ignore the divorce subtext — though that resonated for me).

    My daughter just had a little baby girl, so this song naturally came back up on the playlist — plus the Hammond organ swoons!

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