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Saturday Night’s Alright (For Fighting)

Police sirens drew me out of my house Saturday around midnight, and I was surprised to see a hundred young people in the street. I live behind Warren Easton High School. Their dress made it clear the school was having a dance. The police were commanding the crowd to disperse.

This morning I talked about it with my neighbor Charles. Word on the street is that some W.E. students ran into some students from John Mac at the nearby McDonald’s and there was some straight-up old school beefing. I don’t know whether it came to blows or if a weapon was discharged but something obviously went bad or the dance wouldn’t have broken up that way.

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  1. mikesmiley mikesmiley

    When the band talent of Warren Easton meets the band talent of McDonough (I’m guessing 35). I want to picture a rumble like in West Side Story. Oh well, back to reality.

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