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Dangerously Cheesy

Here’s an excerpt from the 1st District Crime Activity Report for August 2nd-8th, 2008, reproduced verbatim and without editorial comment:

Location: 400 Blk. N. Johnson St.

Date/Time: Aug. 2,2008

Type: Auto Burglary

Gist: The victim parked and secured her vehicle on 8-02-08 at 7;00pm, only to return at 12;30pm on 8-03-08 and discover the rear window of her Black Dodge Caliber broken and ransacked. Upon takin a brief inventory of the vehicle, the victim could only find missing was a bag of Cheetoos.

Description: No witnesses were found, the incident is being investigated

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  1. Brooks Brooks

    You can’t really blame a guy for ransacking a car if his goal is Cheetos. Just think what might have happened if she had left out a bag of those hot ones. Man, it would have been armageddon.

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