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The Boboli Video

And now here comes a video from the unfathomable T Bill featuring Xy and yours truly at the Kroger grocery in Bloomington, Indiana, circa mid ’90s. I guess I gave this raw footage to T Bill when he visited years ago and then forgot about it. I never expected to see it again. But, lo and behold, he edited it together with some other appropriated video and posted it to YouTube yesterday. This was stuff we shot for ROX but never used. Never before seen! Enjoy.

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  1. Lee Lee

    I’m surprised you didn’t get shot down by “the man” as happened before at ye olde ghetto kroger.

    Good footage my man, good footage.

  2. Is that the one over on 2nd and College?

    I also love to see old videos of food products. You never see the small changes made to a Coke can or a Doritos bag as they happen, but then you see one from ten years ago and it’s radically different.

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