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Out (and About) with the In-Laws

Mike & Susie

Just wrapped up a four-night visit with the in-laws. (Actually they left town yesterday morning.) What to say? They read this blog, so of course I can’t be too honest. Heh heh.

No, really, I love my in-laws. I just like to make fun because they’re, you know, my in-laws. They’re fun people. Xy gets a little taxed because they’re her parents. But I get to enjoy them more as friends. A guy couldn’t ask for better in-laws, really.

Still, there are moments. For example, our daughter was getting a bit fussy at one point, as infants will. Susie’s remark: “It’s only going to get worse.” I just had to laugh. She has a penchant for such observations. Of course, she may be right.

They stayed at a time-share condo in the Garden District. They don’t want to have to mess with the parking valet and tip him every time they drive somewhere. So we get to play chauffeur. Say they want to come over to our house. We drive over to their hotel, pick them up, and bring them to our house. Later, we drop them off, then drive back home.

Actually, the arrangement does have some advantages. It was nice to have access to the swimming pool. Also, Xy probably appreciates the mental space. I think I’d prefer it if they stayed with us, though.

But far be it from me to dwell on such things. We had a festive visit, and some fine meals — Zea’s, Venezia, Juan’s Flying Burrito, Drago’s — mostly on their dime. Now they’re on their way to Florida, where Mike will be competing in yet another Scrabble tournament. Thanks for everything, and good luck.

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  1. Julie Julie

    Susie and Mike were smart to rent a condo during their stay. As far as the chauffeuring around town, I think Persephone would expect that her grandparents be shown every courtesy while visiting her.

    A Grandmother

    (Seriously, it sounds like everyone enjoyed the visit)

  2. Donna Donna

    When I lived in New Orleans in 1998, Juan’s was one of my favorite lunch places. Glad to hear that it’s still going strong.

    I also miss PJ’s Coffee and Rue de la Course, which I suppose I could order online, but it’s not the same.

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