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Shelf Mania

Over the last few weeks, building on the brackets my father helped me install, I’ve put up approximately 64 linear feet of shelving in the lower floor of our house.

Three Orange Shelves

Three Blue Shelves

Big Three

Eyeglasses Shelf

It’s nice to have shelves to put things on. This way, stuff can sit on the shelf instead of on the floor where you trip over it all the time.

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    Good job, Bart. All the shelves look good and the color contrasts couldn’t be better. Did you decide what to do above the sink (where I had the drill in reverse)?

  2. Dad, if you’re talking about the “upside down” shelf, it worked fine. Got some nice brass bolts with a special finishing washer to hold it up.

    Upside Down Shelf

    As for the extra holes we drilled, a little spackle and paint was all it took to cover that up.

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