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Hike the Lafitte Corridor

What are you doing for National Trails Day? If you’re in New Orleans, please join us for the 4th Annual Hike of the Lafitte Corridor.


It’s hard to believe this is the fourth such event. The first one only had three hikers and no fanfare. The second hike led to the formation of Friends of Lafitte Corridor.

We’ve advertising this one as absolutely the last chance to hike the corridor in its undeveloped state. Eventually this three-mile stretch of old railroad corridor will be a beautiful greenway with bicycle and pedestrian paths, parklike in places, tying together disparate neighborhoods and providing a great amenity to everyone in New Orleans. That grand scheme will take a while. But by the time we have our 5th Annual Hike, there’s at least gonna be some pavement in place, for at least a portion. That’s a promise.

The reason I’m so passionate about this project is that I have to be. It’s gaining momentum only because citizens — regular people like you and me — have gotten involved and pushed it forward. That citizen involvement is essential to the positive transformation of New Orleans, and this hike is a great way to celebrate that. It’s also a good way to learn more about the greenway project as well as the history and future of the city itself.

Plus, it’s fun. And there’s lunch.

Personally I am very excited about the fact that this year we’ve got an official sponsor: Massey’s Professional Outfitters. They’re a business right on the corridor, and their support for this event has been fantastic. They’ll be providing lunch as well as transportation back to the point of origin.

So here’s the details:

Saturday June 7
10:00 AM: Meet at main entrance to Armstrong Park (Rampart St.)
Noonish: Lunch at Massey’s (509 N Carrollton)
1:00 PM: Finish at Canal Blvd. Shuttle back to Armstrong Park

It’s a three mile hike, and the weather is sure to be hot, and parts of the path are overgrown and weedy. So dress accordingly, and bring some sunscreen.

Did I mention Massey’s is supplying lunch?

Hike the Lafitte Corridor Flyer

Please download the flyer and share with all your friends and neighbors. This is a grassroots effort and we need word-of-mouth.

Mark your calendar, and I look forward to seeing you there.

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  1. Andrea Andrea

    Wish we could be there! Give dat baby a kiss for us. Oh, and the sign looks great, a proud addition.

  2. Julie Julie

    Can’t be there but I always look forward to B’s pictures.

    Have fun!!

  3. Cade Roux Cade Roux

    I plan to be there.

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