We finally turned on the AC today as even the nights are getting quite warm. I like to make it to June 1st if we can, but this year not quite. This always strikes me as the saddest day of the year somehow. We now have five window units, at least three of which are the energy efficient kind and don’t even run their fans when the thermostat hits its mark. It’s now 8:00 and it’s hotter out there than it is in here. Sad, sad, sad. But the Boogaloo was pretty incredible, even though somehow I got sunburnt.

  1. June 1 is my target, too, but we’re in NC. The dew points are still low enough here to be lovin’ it–at least for another week, maybe two.

    I can’t imagine window units, though. I guess they’ve gotten quieter, but still…

  2. Wasn’t able to make our June 1st date either (in North GA).

    B, how is the rebuilding of the house next to yours coming along? Is the house with the “addition” on the rooftop complete yet?

  3. Julie, I think you’re referring to the house with the addition in back. Like our house, it’s coming along in fits and starts. I think they’ve now got sheetrock up. I expect we’ll have next-door neighbors soon — for the first time since the flood. Hopefully they’ll be as decent as the neighbors we had before the flood.

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