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Susie & Persephone

Satan should be her name
To me they’re bout the same

Ha! Just kidding, Susie.

Though I love to tease her with the lyrics to Ernie K-Doe’s big #1 hit, in fact my mother-in-law’s visit was very pleasant.

In fact, her timing was perfect. She arrived just when I was coming down with this nasty bacterial infection, and by the time she left yesterday I was bouncing back. (In fact I was well enough Friday to send Xy and her mother out for a night on the town while I babysat. The lump on my neck seems to be diminishing slowly.) It might have been a very difficult week without Susie’s help.

Plus she cleaned up our kitchen to a level previously not thought possible. We can actually get to the closet now.


Thanks, Susie.

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  1. I bet she went WILD over dat baby. I’ve been there. Your mother or mother-in-law is the only person who is going to clean all your nastiest shit up for free.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Why is it that when the dad stays with his child it’s referred to as “babysitting”? I don’t think it’s ever called that when mom stays home with the kids.

  3. Actually, anonymous, I think babysitting is usually reserved for non-parental supervision. I felt a little funny using that term to describe caring for my own progeny. Probably not the best choice of words on my part. But with a breastfed child, I guess you could make a case that anyone who can’t actually nurse the baby is just babysitting.

  4. Olivia Olivia


  5. Andrea Andrea

    Uh-oh, B, you said, “babysit.” When Abe was first born, I forewarned PJ not to use this term after the baby was born. He came up with “Fathering” which somehow really annoyed me too (hormones?) Now we both call it “watch” or “take care of” if one of us will be doing the primary care-giving, while the other is out. These terms share equal ground for Mom and Dad, which I think is key.

  6. julesb_town julesb_town

    my mom cleaned our fridge out for us when we had our first baby- it was lovely!
    glad you had a nice visit and glad you are feeling better. I had the worst flu I have ever had in my adult life a month ago- fever for 6 days…evil shit!

  7. Rachel Rachel

    What is it about moms with their super cleaning powers??

  8. Anonymous Anonymous

    OK, that baby is WAY TOO CUTE. Also, I think these hyper-PC people should please kindly give Dad a break. A dad taking care of a newborn breastfed baby so his wife can get out for a few hours is indeed babysitting– not to mention being a real good guy. Keep it up, Poppa B.

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