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Thank You Thank You Thank You

When we tally up the list of people who’d helped us out or given us stuff recently, it’s quite impressive. More than sixty. I didn’t know we had so many well-wishers.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

We’ve been trying to make sure everybody gets a card to express our gratitude. And slowly, slowly, we’re sending them out. I really hope we didn’t miss anyone.

Thanks for the help, everyone. It’s truly humbling to be the recipient of so much love.

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  1. Lee Lee

    It’s our pleasure!

    I was helped out tremendously when my daughter was born. Anyone who’s a parent also knows what those first few months are like too.

    I think the birth of children does bring out the sense of “community” and “friendship” in all of us.

    You’ve done nothing but nice things for me, and I hope to return that favor, with interest!

  2. David David

    Yeah, I got my card and photo yesterday. Thanks. It was very nice.

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