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Fat & Pimply

Persephone weighed in yesterday at 7 lbs, 5 oz. That means she gained 22 oz. in 12 days. The doctor congratulated Xy on getting off to a great start with the breastfeeding, which was a bit challenging at first.

Everything’s been pretty much optimal except she’s had an outbreak of baby acne. Sometimes it looks fairly innocuous and other times it looks pretty ugly. I understand it’s very common and there’s no need to treat it. However, a couple of zany treatment suggestions have been dabbing the afflicted areas with breast milk… or baby urine. Strange but true!

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  1. seide seide

    Yay for chubby breastfed babies!

    I’ve heard the breast milk treatment for baby acne before, but not the urine thing. I have heard of the latter in context of soldiers being told to put their pee on their own wounds if they don’t have any other options- since one’s own urine is sterile to oneself it kinda makes sense.

  2. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    reminds me of when i used to work at the nap house and the fourth gen. son of the owner got a foot fungus and his great grandma told him to piss on his feet in the shower.

    we all laughed at this story untill one day i had to try it it and bahdabing turns old the old country ways work.

  3. Jim Jim

    It’s now twice in two days that I’ve heard speculation concerning the benefits of baby urine. Am reading Dorothy Allison’s Bastard out of Carolina and one of the characters suggests the benefit of baby urine for washing the post pregnant woman’s blonde hair, to keep it from turning darker.

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