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Her First Party

Persephone had her first social outing today.

Derby Party

I didn’t even know there was a Louisiana Derby but apparently there is. So we went to a party at the home of Sue, Steve and Sebastian, who live near the track.

We didn’t go to the race itself, but the party was fun. There were lots of Bloody Marys and mimosas and homemade sausage.

For this, I blew off my monthly book club. I guess parenting does entail sacrifices.

PS: Today was her “official” due date.

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  1. Well, DUH, of course parenting entails sacrifices. Besides, looks like it was a nice, low-key gathering, providing y’all with a good chance to get outta the house. That NEVER gets old!

  2. Brooks Brooks

    Are nursing moms allowed a little drinky, or is that a no-no?

    Throughout their pregnancies, my mother’s generation of New Orleanians smoked and drank like pirates. I’m living proof that it made absolutely no dif—

    Um…never mind.

    Xy looks radiant!

  3. MF MF

    That’s a typical Xy expression!

  4. PJ PJ

    Is that FR. Linden?

  5. Sure is PJ. I almost included a note to that effect cuz I knew you’d want to know.

  6. PJ PJ

    He is a good guy. I remember one time he took me aside and told me that he was intending to make the website a battle ground for the identity of the university, and he was going to make things really difficult for me. He said it in a nice way and I understood that it wasn’t personal. It was like he was giving me a warning about it coming from him.

    I think he actually told me it was going to take courage for me to get through the sh*tstorm he was about to create. He sure did!

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