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Vernix Colostrum Meconium

Here are three words I learned over the past days and weeks, which I can now promptly forget.

  • Vernix: waxy white coating that’s all over a newborn’s body as he or she emerges from the womb. It comes not from the amniotic fluid but from the fetus’ own sebaceous glands.
  • Colostrum: first milk produced by a new mother, high in nutrients and immunoglobins, low in fat, and mildly laxative, which helps with the next item…
  • Meconium: black tarry feces, the first stuff to come out a newborn’s butthole — sterile and odorless and composed of nutrients ingested in utero.

And I’m sure there are many more. I didn’t know there were so many bodily substances I’d never heard of before. But if you chant these three in repetition it sounds like a Satanic Mass.

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  1. Scottica Scottica

    I have a Meconium connection! The Painted Lady butterflies hatched from their chrysalis, then they hung upside down and leaked meconium out of their “buttholes?”. Good job nature!

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