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  1. Lee Lee

    Didn’t those set you back a pretty penny?

    Their perfect for your home’s style and charm though B.

  2. The switches themselves were expensive, but I got those in — jeez — 2006, I think. What’s new are the switchplates, the covers, the rectangular brown things. And they were cheaper.

  3. Those are cool – I had those in an apartment I rented in the 80’s on Carondelet street

  4. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Stylish indeed!

  6. rcs rcs

    Nice! I installed pushbuttons in a few spots and used brass switchplates with an oil-rubbed bronze finish but original Bakelite is great.

  7. rickngentilly rickngentilly


    check out the repro covers for plugs at the store on french market place across the street from the old mint.

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