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  1. Michael Homan Michael Homan

    I want to name my daughter Shahurazad Endymion Paxson-Homan. And B, sorry i never told you about secretly inseminating XY. She doesn’t know either so please keep it quiet. My method involves cats and tootsie rolls. In fact, probably half the children born this year in New Orleans will be mine.

  2. David David

    I never understood why the Mid City parades had to be held elsewhere immediately after the hurricane. It seemed to me, right after Katrina with fewer people living there, the parades would have been less of an inconvenience and they would have brought some needed life to that part of the city.

  3. Huh…the only thing that comes to MY mind when you talk SoCo and bike-riding is Ed Harris in Pollock trying to ride home with a case of bottled beer balanced on his handlebars whilst trying to open one of those bottles and imbibe while pedaling. Disaster results from THAT, too.

  4. tanveer tanveer

    Dear doctor

    iam not becoming pregnent i consult to the gyneocologist she said my eggs it ni\ot becoming big so i varied about this problem so pls help me

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