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Cointreau Martini

Problem: You’re winding down a long day and would like to enjoy a nightcap. But when you get to the liquor cabinet you are confronted with an alarming situation: All the liquor is gone. No bourbon, no scotch, no vodka, no gin, no cognac, no tequila. (Apparently you drank all those.) It’s too late to run to the store. All you have is a variety of sweet liqueurs. Yuck!

Solution: The Cointreau Martini. Two ounces of Cointreau, the juice of one lime, shaken with ice and strained. Mmmm. The tartness of the lime offsets the sweet orange flavor of the liqueur. Every bit as good as a Gin Rickey. Top off with seltzer and you could call it a Cointreau Rickey.

This is very much a brand-specific cocktail. I suspect the reason it works so well is that Cointreau is about twice as potent as a typical triple sec liqueur. Now if they could only get their labor situation straight in Haiti.

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  1. no picture?

  2. Anthony Anthony

    Wow… I don’t ever want to be that desperate for a drink…

  3. I’ll have to try that. I drank all of my rum and now only have Cointreau left, but that another story.

  4. Actually, that is more like a margarita; very similar to my “ultimate summer 2007” margarita recipe, which I will generously share with you: juice of 1 whole lime, shot of tequila, shot of Luxardo triple sec, (or Cointreau) over ice, fill the glass the rest of the way with Odwalla Summertime Lime Quencher (limeade).

  5. Michael Homan Michael Homan

    Sounds awful.

  6. stacey stacey

    I’m sure you pretended like it was disgusting for XY! If she misses a drink I remember pomegranate juice and sprite tastes like a kind of cocktail. Pomegranate juice itself tastes like red wine when you want it to. Also Virgin Marys are quite nice. I had a few of those when I was preggers.

  7. J + B lives!

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