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Just got a package of books from my friends in Montana, J & Day. It arrived here at the University ten days ago, but for some reason it was just sitting down in the post office. I wonder if they would ever have called me if I hadn’t called them? Anyway, now I’ve got some new reading material:

Thanks, guys.

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  1. You got it! Excellent. Those are the four best we found, and we read (or at least cracked) many. I loved “Be Prepared,” it’s the only one I found that tries to take a humorous approach and doesn’t come off as shallow or forced.

  2. mark c mark c

    The five S’s from The Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Karp are worth writing down…

    Side/stomach position
    Shushing Sounds

  3. The Kitzinger book is the best; it really helped me to “prepare” (ha, ha) for childbirth. I bought Cade the Brott book and he seemed to get a lot out of that one, too. Fun stuff!

  4. Alright! “Be Prepared” is one of THE very best books out there – for moms too.

    (All the regular mom books are just so da*n anxiety based and depressing.)

    ‘Be Prepared’ is funny and light, and teaches some mean bath-giving skills. Over two years later, Paul is still our daughter’s main bath-giver thanks to the ‘How to scrub your sprout’ chapter.

  5. Yeah – the ‘What to Expect series’ always made me feel more anxious after I read it. Boo! Curses to all authors of anxiety-provoking books for new mommies!!!!!

  6. So begins the first chapter in the “BBB”…B’s Baby Blog. You know I have two and despite the literature we ended up doing what our parents did…while trying not to repeat any bad stuff. Live your life for them and they will appreciate it. This is ultimately the best you can do.

  7. A couple of other recommendations (not that you don’t have enough to read, but just for the proverbial record):

    1. Nursing Mother, Working Mother (a great resource all about breastfeeding – good general tips – not limited to info about after returning to work, although that’s in there, too).

    2. Your Pregnancy, Week by Week (I finally broke down and bought this one today. Has great illustrations of what the little one looks like at any given time – plus good other information)

    3. 100 Things I Wish I Knew In My Baby’s First Year (a thin volume with just that – 100 tips. All pretty good with the exception of the suggestion that a baby should be on a set sleeping and feeding schedule by one month of age. I don’t know what planet their baby came from, but that’s not how things worked out at our house).

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