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  1. Technically it’s not legal, but I do understand the sentiment. (It also could be legal since it’s not a “published” ad.)

    We don’t publish ads for our rentals. To live in the Compound means one had better be copacetic with our lifestyle. This means giving folks their space and not freaking out when a naked body runs from the hot tub to the house, or when our Geek and Hippie friends come to celebrate or I wander out to the garden to do my rituals butt nekked. (Maybe we really are a commune…. LOL)

  2. If you accept certain types federal funding (i.e. special renovation loans) you are required to rent to Section 8 voucher holders and do this for 5 years.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous

    It is going on all over town. Landlords want to overcharge. Only the government can or will pay these exorbitant rents. If you are above the poverty line or without a FEMA voucher, I guess you are out of luck and you’re supposed to become a commuter and move to the Westbank.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous

    Alot of landlords overcharge .because they figure the government is going to pay. But majority of the properties are not even worth living in. To the landlords that is doing this, before you rent to someone. Ask yourself would it be suitable enough for you and your family.

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