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Demolition Redux

Thanks to the City Council’s amendment last week, the City of New Orleans’ list of “Imminent Health Threat Demolition Properties” has been posted online.

Neighborhood groups should look at this closely — it appears to be slightly out of date, with some removed houses still on the list. Some mistakes are also still on the list. (But I note my next-door neighbor’s house has been removed.)

For questions or complaints, contact Winston Reid at 6658-4300.

See also this PDF with general tips for getting off the list. It’s slightly dated now, but still has good info.

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  1. Thanks for this post. I checked the list out for houses in my neighborhood. There was one that must be an error – it was reported to the Good Neighbor thing with just trash violations. The houses that were reported for being unsecured and ready to topple, they aren’t on there and nothing has been done since they were reported. ARGH!

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