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Hoosier Car

As I’ve mentioned before, a white Honda Prelude has been sitting on our block for over three months. It’s had debris piled on it. It’s been jacked up and cannibalized for parts. It’s had the rear window smashed out. The police came and looked at it on several occasions. But still it remained.

I was pleasantly surprised this weekend to see the owner return and haul the damn thing back to Munster, Indiana.

I talked to them about it, but I didn’t learn much. It seems they had a small problem with the transmission. I didn’t ask why it took three months to remove the vehicle.

Herewith, a pictorial retrospective of this derelict automobile’s tenure on North Salcedo.

Indiana Plate

Car Under Debris


It’s gone now. Good riddance.

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  1. Elliott Elliott

    B, I don’t know if you’re familiar with it, but there’s an interesting theory called broken windows theory, which claims essentially that vandalism (and decay, etc) begets more vandalism. So the car sends a message that dereliction is ok on your street. So I’m glad it’s gone. More recent research also suggests that people perceive more decay, etc, depending upon who lives there (race, etc). Might explain a bit of your correspondent’s concern for your safety, along with the car.

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