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Three films that start with Y.

  • The Yes Men (2004) This documentary chronicles the global adventures of a pair of ingenious and ballsy political pranksters. New Orleanians will remember these guys impersonated a HUD official and declared the re-opening of the housing projects. (That event took place after this film was produced.) Just after Katrina I was contacted by one of their operatives as a potential cameraman for a prank that never played out, wherein Yemen or somesuch offered to help with the Gulf Coast housing crisis by donating yurts, to the certain embarrassment of American government. (Sadly we are still ripe for this one.) I’ve been a fan of the Yes Men ever since their giant gold penis prank in Tampere, Finland, which I discovered (online) after a visit there in 2001. Highly recommended!
  • Y Tu Mama Tambien (2001) Two horny teenage boys and a young woman take a road trip to the beach, only it’s arty and Mexican. Pretty darn good.
  • Young Frankenstein (1974) I guess most people have seen this Mel Brooks parody, but somehow I never had. It’s OK.

So close to the end of the alphabet I can almost taste it. Tomorrow, three zeds.

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