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The Spammers Are Winning

The spammers are finally breaking me down.

I’ve had the same e-mail address for over ten years, maybe as long as twelve years. I have learned not to publish the address on the web, but it’s easy to figure out: it’s the letter “b” and that funny “at” symbol, followed by rox, of course, and ye olde dotte com.

I get something like 50 or 100 spam messages every day. My spam filters catch most of them, but lately I’ve missed some legitimate messages that were incorrectly classified as spam. What a pain.

So I’ve established a new e-mail address. It’s the current four digit year and that funny “at” symbol, followed by rox, of course, and ye olde dotte com. As should be obvious, I will only keep this address active for a year, and each year I plan to move on to a new one.

I’m not giving up the old e-mail address yet. I’ll still use it for discussion lists and collecting spam. Consider the new address as a semi-secret channel for slightly higher priority communication. I’ve even got it tuned to come direct to my mobile (for now). If you know me well enough to read this, then you know me well enough to use the new e-mail when you really want to make sure I get the message.

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  1. pj pj

    I used pj followed by the at symbol admiralsound followed by ye olde dot com for about 9 years but it is also rendered unusable by the spammers. I just throw everything in the trash if they are not in my address book. It works surprisingly well. Then every once in a great while I’ll surf my trash and find a message from an old friend.

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