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Back on the Bayou

Yesterday’s Boogaloo was a screaming success, with something like 10,000 attendees. (Charlie London has posted a video.) Today the bayou saw more action. After weeks of rumors and postponements, the Indians came back to the bayou. We were too busy staining doors to actually check it out, but it did my heart good to see the plumage from afar when we went to get a po-boy from the Parkway. The newspaper referred to it as “Downtown Super Sunday.” I thought that was odd, since what made Super Sunday “Super” was that the Indians came out both uptown and downtown on the same day. So is this the new pattern, with Uptown Super Sunday taking place near St. Joseph’s Day and Downtown Super Sunday just before hurricane season? Either way, I’m just glad this tradition isn’t lost.

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  1. Ray Ray

    I wish I could have made it over there. As it was, I was working upstairs and heard what sounded like a bass band a few blocks away, and when I went to check it out, it was the Uptown Swingers second line going by on S. Saratoga.

    It does seem like the fears of second line and Indian culture dying after the storm have been allayed.

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