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I passed by PJ & Andrea’s old house in Broadmoor to see if it had been demolished yet. I was surprised to see roofers at work.


It’s sad that PJ & Andrea aren’t here, but I’ve had a year and half or so to get used to that fact. They recently bought a house in Indianapolis where they seem quite happy. So for the most part, I just feel good that their old house doesn’t have to be demolished after all.

I was also gladdened to see sign of progress in the surrounding neighborhood, however slow it may be. Some houses are being gutted only now. There seems to be a bit more activity there than in our little pocket of Mid-City.

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  1. pj pj

    I like the roof – hopefully a police officer will move in. “Seem quite happy” is a good way to put it, life in Indy is a bit more boring, but a lot more secure. Having a new home to get excited about makes life much better.

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