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3rd Annual Hike

One day in May 2005, three friends got together and hiked three miles through the heart of New Orleans along the old Norfolk-Southern rail line, the so-called “Lafitte Corridor.”


Last May, 18 people made the hike.

Pausing Briefly

Approaching the End

And now we’re doing it again.

(Click to enlarge the map.)

Last year’s hike sparked the birth of the Friends of Lafitte Corridor, also known as FOLC, a group that has been campaigning tirelessly to preserve this open space and convert it into a public trail — an urban greenway.

Who knows what this year’s hike will bring?

We will meet at the main entrance to Armstrong Park at 10:00 AM on Sunday, May 20th.

Please join us! This event is a good opportunity to meet others interested in the greenway project, to learn about what’s been accomplished so far, and to explore the territory.

The hike takes just under two hours. I recommend bringing sunscreen and water. If you are not in good health, you may not wish to undertake this journey, as it will probably be a hot day and there are a few areas of slightly rough terrain. The hike will end at the Bulldog on Canal Blvd, where lunch and beer are available.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes. In fact, you may want to wear boots or long pants, as there may be high weeds in a couple of places.

PS: You can also examine pictures in the Lafitte Corridor Pool on Flickr.

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  1. eep.. nevermind (I get your blog fed to me on Live Journal so not sure how I missed that part in BOLD) *grin* my wedding anniversary is the 19th so I keep hoping a little weekend trip might be in order.. it’s a little last minute to hope for this year..

    best wishes.. pamela ‘meeko’ rouse

  2. Charles Richardson Charles Richardson

    IF I was in shape I would so love to hike. I used to live around there growing up and would ride my bike around the train tracks there. Maybe I will just go to the Bulldog and eat and drink at lunch lol

  3. TBK TBK

    If we’re in town we will be there…. this runs past our old place of business. And Frankly, Craig ( metroblog) and I would dearly love to meet you and Xy Face to Face. I have been an avid reader since we came home ( Irish channel)… have followed the articles in the Saturday papers about your house… have mourned the loss of your pets… and the most important one… sigh….

    So like I said If we can be in town we WILL be there


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