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How I Prepared for Daylight Saving Time

Sleep deprivation on the Monday following the time shift is a widespread phenomenon. There is even evidence that it results in an increase traffic fatalities. I know I personally tend to feel groggy. And so…

This year, a week before Daylight Savings Time took effect, I started setting our alarm ten minutes earlier each day. During the school year Xy and I generally keep our alarm set for 6:00 a.m., but by Friday we were at 5:10 a.m. I hoped this would make the transition to DST less jarring when we set our clocks ahead over the weekend.

I think it worked. Monday morning, our alarm went off at 6:00 a.m. (really 5:00 a.m. “sprung forward”) but we didn’t have much trouble getting out of bed, and I haven’t felt particularly tired.

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  1. chrissieroux chrissieroux

    That’s a great strategy. We don’t use an alarm clock anymore–the baby wakes us in the morning. Too bad we can’t set her forward or back…

  2. I feel like I’m the only person in the world who hates DST. This year, I tried a new strategy and it worked well. I got no sleep Saturday night because Sis B broke her arm. I didn’t take her to the hospital but still fielded hospital calls all night long then picked her up at 4:30 AM DST. Then The Husband… (who is STILL visiting, but who got a normal night’s sleep in HIS quarters) got up at 7:30 to make coffee and woke me up, SOOO…. I was in bed and out cold by 8:00 Sunday night and bright eyed on Monday morning. Heh heh.

  3. Thanks Mr. Rick. No, I don’t think I’ll reverse this in the fall. When we fall back, we just get an extra hour of sleep, and my body doesn’t seem to mind that.

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