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Don’t Forget

Helen Hill had lots of friends here, and most of us couldn’t make it to her funeral in South Carolina. So I think tomorrow’s event is gonna be huge. There will be brass bands. There will be pig costumes. There will be vegan cupcakes. Ernie K-Doe’s hearse will be there. And check the cool poster.

I haven’t been involved with the planning but here’s what I’ve gathered as to the details: It’s set for Saturday, February 24. Come meet up at 12:30 p.m at Paul and Helen’s old place in Mid-City, 3438 Cleveland Street. That’s one block uptown from Canal Street, one block lakeside from Jeff Davis.

The procession rolls at 1:00 p.m. sharp.

Route: Jeff Davis > Orleans > Claiborne. Here’s a map of what I think the route might be. That’s about two and a half miles, so wear comfortable shoes. Destination: The Mother-in-Law Lounge at 1500 North Claiborne, where there will be more music and more festivities.

You didn’t have to know Helen personally to attend. Everyone’s invited.

Be there if you can.

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  1. We’ll be there. We’re baking cupcakes (our trays are already decorated, thank you very much) and I’ll be posting pictures later as well.

    The poster is fabulous, btw.

  2. Tony Tony

    Had one of those fiber optic cameras up my colon early January. Went for a 2.8 mile run around Audubon Park the following morning. No complications as far as I can recall. It’s a minimally invasive procedure unless you get a polyp removed.

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