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Herb & Herb

When Herb and Jenny came to visit last weekend, they were surprised to find Herb’s picture hanging in our hallway. Jenny took this picture, which demonstrates that Herb was simply beside himself:

Herb & 1995 photo

What made it even funnier was that I don’t even know Herb very well. The picture was taken by Rachel Whang in Bloomington, Indiana, back in 1995 or so. It was part of a series Rachel took for her MFA show. We inherited the photos when she moved to Baltimore, and they’ve been on display wherever we’ve lived in New Orleans.

Speaking of Baltimore and New Orleans, a recent article in Rolling Stone quotes David Simon as saying “New Orleans is Baltimore but it can carry a tune.” (Thanks for the link, Ashley.)

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  1. Man, I keep thinking N.O. is like Bloomington sometimes, rather than Baltimore… Must be the people….

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    Cole Rain!
    Squashblossom String Pullers!
    Hoot Hoot!

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