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All Saints Day

Today is the day when the Saints return to the Superdome. I think everybody who lives in New Orleans is pretty happy about that, even football-skeptical folks like myself. It’s hard not to get caught up in the excitement, since so many people seem to pin so much on this team. But even as we celebrate, we’ll keep things in perspective.

To those outside the city, even if you’re not a football fan, I recommend tuning in to Monday Night Football and checking it out. Not for the game so much as the spectacle and commentary surrounding it.

More reasons to celebrate: It’s Herb Reith’s birthday today. He and Jenny came and visited us over the weekend. They are some mellow, laidback people, character traits which I have come to appreciate more and more. Also, thirteen years ago today Xy and were manacled together in unholy matrimony.

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  1. Happy returns – somehow 13 seems appropriate, and I do mean that in a funny (good-natured) way.

    Not sure how I feel about pouring money into the stadium and football tickets when so much is still to be done, but I also understand the symbolism and that its reopening does provide more jobs, which is good.

  2. Re-reading what I just wrote, I see I failed to convey how absolutely HUGE the hype for this event has been. I think the only reason I even care about this (the little bit that I do) is that I’ve been brainwashed by the hype machine!

  3. I dunno, B, I’m getting all emotional just thinking about it. Every time I see something on tv about it I start to cry. Maybe it’s some kind of hormonal issue.

    Happy Anniversary darlins’.

  4. Congrats.

    And I have no particular interest in football, but it makes me very happy and excited seeing my fellow citizens so happy and excited. At this point, I’ll take any reason to celebrate that comes along.

  5. Xy is probably pleased you’re not a football fan (unless of course she were the sort of woman to paint herself black and gold of a Sunday afternon for the tailgate).


    Enjoy the hype. Its a damn good thing for NOLA. Its one of the few things that unite us, and for one night everyone can put aside their divisions and problems and just watch football, win or lose.

  6. Joe Joe

    Happy anniversary!

    I’d like to think that some of that money to rebuild the Superdome went to folks in New Orleans who needed the work. And I’d like to think we could do better than Joe Theisman interviewing Spike Lee for most of the second quarter. But what the hell… it’s a spotlight on the city, and the Saints are up by 20 as I write this, and I’ll take it.

  7. Michael Michael

    Happy Anniversary B and Xy. Regarding the hype, it felt great to scream for a victory. Sort of Rollergirls on a bigger stage. The blocked punt 90 seconds into the game was amazing.

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