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  1. Lee Lee

    And a good picture of that. When I first saw it I almost thought it was placed on your house. Dare you Katrina seems so much like something XY and you would say, and put on a sign!

  2. M.A.D. M.A.D.

    Do you feel like you’re on the verge of becoming a Katrina grass roots celebrity or spokes-person or celebrity or something similar? Your passion, awareness, and perspective seem unique and valued by many. I just get this gut feeling that sometime soon, someone will find the video and words you’ve produced and convince you that your calling is calling you.

  3. MAD, that’s flattering, but to be honest — no, I don’t feel an incipient sense of celebrity. Two reasons: One, I’ve been a “self made celebrity” since the early 90s and so all this recent stuff is actually kind of old hat. Two, I’m surrounded by a community of talented and creative people who are doing much the same as I am. For example, there’s something like 120+ New Orleans bloggers, and more popping up every day.

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