Here’s some pictures taken around this time last year, before everything went crazy.


That’s Xy having a meal of raw oysters at Tyler’s on Orleans. I’ve heard some neighbors considered that place a nuisance, but we always had a good time there. We’re sad they’re haven’t re-opened since the flood. Come to think of it, I don’t know of any oyster joints in Mid-City now.

Fred & PJ

There’s Fred and PJ at a committee meeting at the University. I love this picture, except for the “product placement”-looking beverage. Sadly, PJ and family have made their evacuation to Indianapolis a permanent move. Fred’s still here, but as he said this morning, if he’d known how things were going to be in New Orleans, he “probably wouldn’t have come back.”

Farewell to Pigs

This picture is especially sad. Here’s Xy getting ready to take her guinea pigs back to school. The school didn’t flood, but with everyone evacuated for so long, the guinea pigs died in their cages. Actually only one body was found. Maybe the other one miraculously escaped, but it doesn’t seem likely. And the neighbors’ puppy, nipping at Xy’s calves? The neighbors didn’t take the poor thing with them when they evacuated, so we suspect it died in the flood.

  1. So sad. We took our animals with us… and still have them. Told the housing authority here when they said we’d qualify for housing if we got rid of them… tough shit. They came from New Orleans with us, not getting rid of them now! I’ll live with my folks again til we get a place before I’ll give up my animals.

    Hard to believe in two weeks it’ll be a year since we evacuated….

  2. I spent almost every Wednesday night at Tylers the first year of dental school…$0.25/oyster and $2.00 ketel one martinis…thank goodness Ash moved down later or I might not have made it out of school!
    thanks for the memories man…
    I still find it hard to believe…even working on a 2nd floor of the defunct Lord & Taylor’s on Poydras it still feels like a dream.

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