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Color Consultation

I said in Saturday’s article that I’d post a picture of our house and try to get some free color advice out of my readers.


We’ve replaced a lot of wood on the sides of the house, so we figure we might as well repaint the whole house. It’s currently light green with white trim. These are the colors we inherited. I painted the front steps blue a couple years ago.

We have been trying to imagine new color schemes, but we don’t seem to get too far. We like rich, festive Carribean colors. We seem partial to the cooler colors: purples, blues, greens. We’re not adverse to reddish purples either.

I guess what really gets me confused is the trim, or more properly the railings. They are white now. White seems like such a boring color, but I have difficulty imagining them as any other color.


Anyway, like I said above, I’m just looking for a little free color consultation. Can anybody help?

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  1. Karen Karen

    I am going to send your link Mr. Colour

    White is too harsh. A nice cream ties together whatever you are doing

    look at my house, it is a screaming example of too excited about color

  2. Hey &B and XY,

    Still enjoying your show after all these years after B-town. In fact, I didn’t have cable in the early 90s so I’m only getting to watch it now. BTW, my wife Lisa used to work with you at that telemarketing place above the pet store.

    Here’s some quick ideas on color. I figure words are near useless for expressing color ideas, so I’m providing links with images.

    For some nice color choices here’s a New Urbanist property development in Bloomington. It tends to be a simple bold color with warm golden beige trim, and perhaps a light rosemary accent:
    (in blue)

    For a wilder color combination, check out this photo of a bathroom. All the colors are bold, but none overwhelm the other colors. You could take almost any color from this wall, use any other for trim and you’d be set:

    Here’s an entertaining photo:

    And finally some paint websites from the Latino world!:

    Best of luck down there,


  3. Louis Aubert Louis Aubert

    I wish I could see the other homes on your block in order to factor the neighbor’s choices into the mix.

    Without that I would consider using a stronger, more clear green for the body of the house and a softer, not so bright, white or pale cream/yellow for trim. Paint the stair treads a cobolt blue and the lattice panels a lavender blue with all framework painted the trim color.

    Paint the window sash, door (and I think I can see a transom above the door) a strong plum in a glossier sheen than the otehr colors.

    And, yes, do paint the ceiling a clear, Summer sky blue.

    Add reds and orange in flowering plants; especially tropicals for the punch that they will add to the overall effect.

    Sample each color before committing to it and good luck making a statement.

  4. j j

    former bloomingtonian here. can’t remember how i found your site but i remember you and j. in fact he was one of our student teachers in my music class in high school!

    anyhow i vote for purple with red trim

  5. Louis, I’m not sure you really want to see the other houses on our block!

    But since you asked, this shot shows our next-door neighbors:

    Next Door

    Actually the houses across the street from us are more intersting color-wise. This shot gives an idea:


  6. Louis Aubert Louis Aubert

    Thanks for the photos of the block; several neighbors have made a color statement.

    I stand by the suggested color combination with a renewed emphasis on using landscape color to further the effect. Flowering plants in containers hung over the edge of the wooden rail would add a lot to the overall appearance of the house for a minimal investment.

    Good luck with the changes.

  7. Amy Amy

    Your current step color looks kind of periwinkle (between blue and violet) in the photo. What a great color. I think a silvery gray would go well with it if you want to replace the white. And they say flies and other insects don’t like gray, as well as blue.

  8. Yes, wow. The Preservation Resource Center calls Louis “New Orleans’ premiere color consultant.” This is exactly what I was whoring for — I mean hoping for!

    Thanks for the advice Louis. I’ll be sure to post a picture when we get the house painted.

    Of course that could be a loooong time coming. We’ll see how the money holds out.

  9. amy amy

    louis, where do i find your french quarter colors? i live in baton rouge and i want to paint…my house is wood, stucco, and brick. the brick is kinda orange red some blk and some white…..not my favorite….but
    i need some ideas…thank you so much

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