Here’s a short (two minute) video for the nine month mark. I uploaded it to both Vimeo and YouTube, so take your pick.

The YouTube one was looking funny so I’m embedding Vimeo’s here, but you can access either via the links above.

And just to give you more options, you can also download it in .mov format (8.5 MB, requires QuickTime 7) or .m4v format (10 MB, supposedly iPod-friendly). Is this overkill? Let me know what works best for you!

See also: Eight Months, Six Months, Five Months.

  1. I finally was able to see your recap on YouTube. The audio and video were not synchronized but I could follow (maybe that’s my slow computer). Quick Time only plays audio and no video. Maybe my Quick Time is not up to date.

    I think more people need to see the state of things in NO.

  2. This is some incredible stuff. very powerful. I was born and raised in NO and my parents are still there in Algiers. Is there any way to get access to this video and the other updates. Perhaps to get some play on the national cable networks? I dont know how legal stuff works, but just wondering if you have copyright, or just creative license on this? let me know. I want to get the word out to the rest of the nation that things are all honky dorey and subjects like how Jefferson likes to freeze dry his money aren’t what we should be focusing on about LA, its the people who are still there, and the people that will never return.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this update. My parents lost our home of 30 years in Gentilly and I’ve been in a PhD program in Tampa for the past 3 so anytime I can see real footage of the real devastation filmed by real people and not the hyped up media versions, I appreciate it.
    I can’t wait to be done with my degree so I can come home and help.

  4. Nice snapshot B. Down the street on the Lake side there’s an Italian Pie that’s open. I’m probably still digesting the delicious Mediterranean pizza we had last night… Then headed the opposite direction just a couple blocks, is the grocery with a walk-in beer fridge.

    So if I may be dilusional for a moment, I see the repair and reoccupation of this little strip mall as just another one of the thousands of gaps that need to be filled. Heck, maybe the parking lot would be a great place for a Farmers Market or the like.

  5. Louisiana Rep. Sen. David Vitter, on the GOP’s “Defense of Marriage Amendment”:
    “I don’t believe there’s any issue that’s more important than this one.”

  6. Unbelievable?, I’m afraid not! I worked for two months as a Crisis Corps/Peace Corps volunteer in NOLA Oct-Dec 2005. Where is the accountability? Where are the people who have made their life’s mission exploiting the injustices of our country? What happened to Michael Moore, Spike Lee, The Reverend Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpin have all of the voices been quelled by the powers at be? I am embarrassed as an American at the atrocities of the disaster and the lack of any accountability for the promises made to the victims of this disaster. I am also embarrassed by the lack of concern for the harsh realities of the present day realities of the victims. I worked at the HQ of the Salvation Army and my unanswered question was what happened to all of the stuff that everyone in America took to their local Salvation Army centers, it never got to the people of New Orleans and nobody seems to care? Well I care, send this to Our President and ask what he thinks????

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