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2nd Annual Hike

On May 21st of last year, with a couple friends, I hiked about three miles through New Orleans following the (mostly) abandoned Norfolk-Southern rail line. This line runs from Armstrong Park to Canal Boulevard, through the area known as the “Lafitte Corridor.”


We thought it was an excellent candidate for a Rails-to-Trails project. We still do. A lot has changed over the last year, but in the new New Orleans this project seems more possible than ever. In fact, I am working with a group of neighbors that recently submitted a grant proposal to the state, proposing to build this trail. (I can’t take much credit for the hard work of writing the grant, though. The props go to Amy Lafont.)

So… this year we’re doing it again, and you’re invited to join us! It is my hope that this event will be a good opportunity to meet others interested in the project, to learn more about the possibilities and to explore the territory.

We will meet at the main entrance to Armstrong Park at noon on Sunday, May 21st.

The hike took about 90 minutes last year, but could take longer depending on how fast the group moves. I recommend bringing sunscreen and water. If you are not in good health, you may not wish to undertake this journey, as it will probably be a hot day and there are a few areas of slightly rough terrain. The hike will end at the Bulldog on Canal Blvd or at NolaJava, depending on what people are in the mood for.

Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes.

PS: You can also examine the set of pictures I took on last year’s hike.

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  1. Daniel Samuels Daniel Samuels

    Thanks for the invite, Bart. Family obligations permitting, I hope to join you on 5/21.

  2. Conversion of the trail would be a plus for my new hood (Toulouse near City Park). Won’t be in my new place until the 30th, but keep us posted on the R2T project.

  3. rickngentilly rickngentilly

    that sucks for me as my ten day vacation starts on the 22nd and we have a big wedding party in the hotel where i work. i.e. theres no way in hell my boss is gonna let me start the vacay a day early. i really enjoyed the shots on your flicker account of the rail line. i used to walk it all the time when i lived in midcity.

    can you send me any info on how to participate in the rails to trails idea ive been hearing about over here in gentilly on peoples ave.? it used to be a great strech of green space that backed up into peoples backyards kind of like a poormans audubon park but since katrina its turned into a huge illegal dump. i would be very interested in getting it back to its old self or even better with a bike and hikeing path. thanks for your time. rick.

  4. Paul Burt Paul Burt

    Sounds like a great plan, usta live down the street from it on Solomon and biked it all the time – tracing the original canal route from the back of the FQ to BSJ. Fascinating/horrifying to see the crossing get torn up when Carrolton was rebuilt for the streetcar. Hope to join y’all.

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