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More Demolition

After about two months of inactivity, the demolition of the old Physicians Hospital on Canal Street has resumed.

Demolition Sunset

Not the historic wood frame houses — those were all torn down back in February. Now they’re pulling down the big four story concrete and steel structure.

I took a bunch of pictures yesterday evening and added them to my Physicians Hospital Demolition Set.

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  1. I may have mentioned before that I work for a demolition contractor (at least for the time being). That’s exactly what it looks like. Great pics, B.

    Have you seen the series of articles in the Atlanta Journal and Constitution about what happened at Tulane & Mercy during the storm and flood? Today is Part IV (I think there are to be 22). It’s a highly personalized accounting and, so far, very moving. Just FYI. I put a link to the first 3 parts on my blog.

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