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Boss Loss

On my first day of work here at the University, almost seven years ago, I asked my boss what time he wanted me in the office each morning. His reply: “Whenever — just be responsible.”

I knew right then that we would get along well together.

And indeed we have. It’s been a pleasure working with him. And over the years he’s become more than a boss, he’s been a friend. And better yet, he’s a handy friend. When I decided to install drop-down stairs for attic access, he actually did most of the work. He helped me fix my toilet. Speaking of toilets, he rescued Xy when she flushed her car keys down the toilet at Sears. He also helped me with a long list of more mundane household fix-up jobs. He even helped us move a couple times.

On the work front, I have a lot of respect for his integrity and diligence. He has always been extremely approachable and reasonable. I feel comfortable sharing ideas with him, knowing they will get a fair hearing. I also know that he values my perspective, and he has made me feel like my job is meaningful. An atmosphere of mutual respect makes for a good work environment.

I mention all this because it recently became official: He’s moving on. He and his family are seeking higher ground. He looked for a job elsewhere, and he found one. Michigan’s gain is our loss.

This was not an easy decision for them. It was difficult, and the reasons are complex, but it’s safe to say that Katrina had a lot to do with it. I’m sad to see them go, but I wish them well.

I’m gonna miss you, man.

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  1. mark gstohl mark gstohl

    Let me know if there’s a going away thing planned. He’s a wonderful guy. I’ll miss him very much too!

  2. Michael Michael

    I’m going to miss him also. He was one of the University’s real strengths.

  3. Kathleen Kathleen

    Can I work for him when he comes up north?

  4. Scottica Scottica

    heartfelt blogging my friend…I’m sorry

  5. David David

    Where’s a picture of this mystery man?

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